Odayaka Spa School

Hot Stones Massage

Face-to-face, practical and realistic teaching with constant and personalized support. Start training or specialize in the exciting world of massages and spa techniques.

East and West come together in our school to break down any formative frontier.

A teacher teaches techniques …

a teacher … teaches how to feel

What do we do?

We want to transmit what we have learned from great teachers, who have trained us through different cultures such as Indonesia, Japan, India … as well as the experience acquired during more than forty years in the exercise of our profession.


You will be able to train at the highest level with a close and personalized teaching.


To train you professionally in an intensive and practical way in massage, balneotherapy and spa techniques.


We carry out tailor-made training for your company anywhere in the world.



Professional and Intensive Courses

Choose the training that best suits your expectations and needs. We organize courses and workshops throughout Spain, the Nordic countries, Indonesia and Latin America.


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About us

We are a multidisciplinary, qualified and communicative teaching team, which applies pedagogical flexibility, achieving excellent training while enjoying the experience.

Teaching is nothing but transmitting the knowledge of who owns it to whoever wants it.

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