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Introductory course in acupuncture

Acupuncture is defined as a healing technique that has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine that involves inserting fine needles into specific points wired to energy streams in our body called “meridians”, helping to improve, maintain and / or restore the flow and energy balance. In this seminar students will learn the theoretical and philosophical foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and therefore, acupuncture. The necessary information for understanding this will be provided and addressed from a practical level with simple treatments for better comprehension.

This introductory course to acupuncture is suited for people who wish to make a first approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and discover the uses and benefits of acupuncture, its theoretical basis and its application in Western culture, allowing them to decide whether to deepen in this therapy while acquiring basic knowledge for self-treatment. It will also be useful for those therapists who, working other disciplines, are interested in acupuncture as a complementary treatment to their own therapies and methods.

Course overview:

  • Requirements: Be of age, otherwise permission from legal guardians.
  • Course material: the course includes all necessary equipment for the practical stage, as well as all printed documents of the curriculum to help understanding and further consultation upon completion of the course.
  • Duration: This introductory course acupuncture has a workload of 40 hours theoretical / practical.
  • Qualification: after passing the theoretical tests, practical stage and training, the student will be awarded with a diploma.
  • Dress Code: Any comfortable clothing, preferably comfortable long pants / long shirts that cover the body properly.


For the complete curriculum click here

  • Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • History.
  • Acupuncture conceptions and basic theories.
  • Importance of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine and its uses.
  • Basic Instruments and different techniques applied when treating.
  • An approach to methods of diagnostic in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • The concept of Meridian and its approach.
  • Addressing treatments with patients.


General information:

All courses are held from 09.00 ¬ 17.00h Monday to Friday (schedule on weekends consult) with a 1 hour lunch break and a short 15 minutes in the afternoon.

The course includes:

  1. Information dossier
  2. Theoretical and Practical stages.
  3. All tools / equipment needed for the course.
  4. Tea, coffee and water
  5. Practical and theoretical examination
  6. Diploma as issued by Odayaka Spa School.


  1. Uniforms (long pants and shirt)
  2. For foreign students and / or displaced:
  3. Airport pickup service
  4. Accommodation
  5. Visa processing advisory…
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