Cherry therapy Course

Although the term “cherry therapy” is not very familiar yet, this therapy begins to be well-known in the most exclusive spas thanks to its properties, being a beauty treatment that increasingly has more followers due to its excellent benefits both beauty and physical. Born in the valley of Jerte (Spain), a unique place because its natural conditions for the cultivation of this juicy fruit.

Cherry therapy is considered one of the most innovative treatments today thanks to its re-mineralizing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. The intense and bright red color of this fruit is due to a great concentration of iron in its composition; If we add calcium, vitamin C, flavonoids to the mix… we will understand its benefits when fighting anemic stages, lack of minerals in the blood, demineralization of the bones, cellular degeneration… without forgetting its great properties at the a beauty level: Cleans pores deeply, relaxes muscles, eliminates dead cells, moisturizes, nourishes, embellishes…

Seminar Overview:

  • Course material: The course includes all necessary equipment for the practical stage, as well as all printed documents of the curriculum to help understanding and further consultation upon completion of the course. Graduated Students in this course will have a direct line to the school to ask any questions that may come to them once completed it.
  • Duration: 40 hours. Theory and practice.
  • Requirements: be of age, otherwise permission from legal guardians.
  • Dress code: Any comfortable clothing, preferably short or long comfortable pants and long shirts that cover the body properly.
  • Qualification: after passing the theory and practice tests, the student will be awarded with a training diploma, which will allow him/her to access to a job in spas, resorts, cruises, wellness centers or become self-employed, obtaining insurance civil and professional responsibility.


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  • History of massage-types of massage
  • Natural therapies
  • Cherry therapy
  • Composition and properties of cherry therapy
  • Benefits of Cherry therapy
  • Contraindications
  • Mode of application
  • Suitable products.
  • Protocol.


General information

All courses are held from 09.00 – 17.00 hours Monday to Friday (consult for weekend’s timetables) with a 1 hour lunch break and a short 15 minutes break in the afternoon.

The course includes:

  1. Information dossier
  2. Theory and Practice
  3. All products / equipment needed for the course.
  4. Tea, coffee and water
  5. Practical and theoretical examination
  6. Diploma as issued by Odayaka Spa School
  • Optional
  1. Uniforms (long pants and shirt)
  2. For foreign students and / or displaced:
  3. Airport Service pickup
  4. Accommodation
  5. Visa processing advisory.


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