• In Odayaka we have a long and proven experience both in work and training fields. By virtue of this solvency, we offer our ability to travel as an alternative way of training in hotel establishments, spas, cruises, beauty centers, etc., as well as in the design of protocols for action, studying and advice on new projects and / or expansion of existing ones.
  • Specialized in team build-up, we only need an appropriate teaching space in the centers where we are required. We will fully take care of program, efficiency, originality of the curriculum and the practical usefulness of the subject.

If you want to dig-in our services, do not hesitate to expose your project, we will be happy to collaborate in the realization of your dream.

  • In addition to our training for individuals, we have a wide range of trainings oriented specifically towards companies and active workers related to the health and wellness sector, as well as we offer assistance to owners and / or spa managers who wish to improve and / or expand their knowledge and skills. Personalized assistance in your business anywhere in the world. Some of our services for companies are:
  • Creation and formation of multidisciplinary teams
  • Upgrading of work teams already formed
  • Advice on innovation and incorporation of treatments
  • Creation of exclusive protocols
  • Design of daily and weekly packs
  • Feng-shui studies
  • Design and decoration of oriental spas ...


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