From experience and illusion our passion for teaching is born. The aim is to ensure that, in sometimes fun and always instructive way, people who wish to start or continue the path of learning in the wonderful and infinite world of massage, beauty treatments and high quality techniques, all respectful to the human being, useful both to access to the job market in spas, beauty and wellness centers etc. Or if they decide to work independently, being able to devote themselves fully to what they love doing and brings them satisfaction. We advocate for a realistic, practical and face-to-face education, with the simplest terminology possible, with constant and personalized support.

We teach what we have learned in books, from the teachings conveyed by great masters, the accumulated experience in decades of training in the exercise of our exciting work, which has conveyed to us the diversity of cultures and concepts of holistic care from places like Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, China, India or Spain.

We are at your disposal, delighted that you choose us to be part of your professional career, and hoping that it is not for a short time, but all along your path as a professional therapist. Thank you very much.

“A teacher teaches techniques … A master…teaches to feel”


We provide high-quality training, with complete but simple temary, making special emphasis on the practical section, so that once the training is finished, our students can safely face the development of their daily work. Our teachers and teaching methodologies are of the highest level, composed of a multidisciplinary team with years of experience in the sector and speciality they teach. Courses are offered to a limitednumber of students to be able to dedicate to each one the attention that deserves and precision for their correct learning.


To ensure an optimal teaching quality, in the higher courses we select our students after studying carefully their CV and conducting knowledge tests. So we guarantee homogeneous classes where you will be studying with others of the same level as you.


The courses are designed to offer the student the necessary knowledge to be formed in excelency, and with this, to be able to practice as a highly qualified professional, with its own contents, combining what is learned in prestigious international schools with years of experience and study in our own centers.



You can apply to our courses from our website (something we recommend if you travel abroad your country of residence), or contact us by phone, Skipe or email to clarify any doubts about registrations, payment systems, etc. Remember that the number of students is limited and the start dates are not flexible.